Galeria Carles Taché

Tony Cragg

Liverpool, 1949.
Tony Cragg is recognised as one of the most influential British sculptors of his generation. His work has focused on the mulfarious relationships between the human being and its envoiroment. With a broad selection of materials and sculptural strategies, the artist thematises the complex connection between figure, object and landscape which, for Cragg, includes geological and microbiological systems as well as urban and industrial contexts. The work by Tony Cragg has settled the bases to understand what it has been named as contemporary sculpture

Working title (Long faces), 2007
210 x 125 x 125 cm.

Untitled, 2008
132 x 67 x 67 cm.

Sinbad, 2000
84 x 196 x 83 cm.

Early Forms, 2001
130 x 410 x 160 cm.