Galeria Carles Tachť

Leo Copers

Gent, 1947.
Leo Copers is no doubt one of the key figures of contemporary art in Belgium.  He started his career in the sixties, making performances and sculptures and has since then elaborated a personal oeuvre that was exhibited inmuseums and collections worldwide.  His work is characterized by a poetical, surrealist touch.  Like other Belgian masters like Magritte, Broodthaers or Ensor, his artworks are often ful of melancholy, but always combined with a special sense of humour and irony.  The pieces he selected for this solo presentation in Barcelona are mostly analysing the symbolic meaning and power of flowers.  It are all pieces that combine the artist's love for contradictory emotions. They seduce the visitor to sometimes perverse second thoughts or provoke a complicit smile.